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Keypad problems with your KX-TGA400b?

  We designed a completely new keypad! 
The only complete keypad available on planet earth that will eliminate the very common button problems in these phones!

Plus we repair any & all common problems in every phone we sell or service!

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Repair for the KX-TGA400b and KX-TGA200b

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KX-TGA200b Repair
KX-TGA400b Repair

Also repairing the base units
KX-TG4000b Repair
KX-TG2000b Repair

4 Line desk set
KX-TGA420b Repair

Not only do we replace every OEM keypad with our improved re-designed keypad....

We repair all other common problems in every phone...
 Even if it does not need it yet!

Choppy transmit FIXED!
Problems with the RF (radio frequency) module cause poor transmit quality. You cannot hear this on the phone that is broken but your customers can! It's almost always intermittent, effected by heat and humidity changes and sounds terrible! It will never go away on it's own and will only get worse. This also effects basic phone operations and as the problem progresses it will start effecting ringing, line access and give you "move closer to base" errors.
bulletMove closer to base errors FIXED!
bulletNot charging FIXED!
bulletStatic, pops and clicks FIXED!
bulletNo Transmit or No Receive FIXED!
bulletWon't register FIXED!
bulletHeadset jack problems FIXED!
bulletLCD blank? FIXED!**

** LCD blank? Most of the time blank LCD displays means a dirty connector. Repairing dirty connectors is included in the repair fee. If the LCD is cracked or faded on the left side, this is not repairable and the LCD unit must be replaced. Because the LCD is a pricey part it is not covered in the repair fee or covered under warranty. We have plenty of new and used replacement LCDs and can always repair the problem for the cost of the part.

Love your phone again!
Turn your Panasonic KX-TGA400b 2 star2 star phone into a Panasonic KXTGA400b 5 stars5 star phone with our PRO-ACTIVE repair and improved keypad!

Read Amazon's customer reviews. You'll see that everyone has keypad problems. That's because they do not have our improved keypad!

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Panasonic Cordless Phone Model KX-TGA400b Product Description

The KX-TGA400B handset works with the KX-TG4000B four-line cordless telephone system, giving your small business or home the productivity-enhancing features of a business telephone system without the high price tag. It communicates with the KX-TG4000B base unit in both directions using 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission. FHSS technology improves calling range and clarity, and eliminates crosstalk. Because it rapidly changes transmission frequencies within the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, this cordless system helps reduce the possibility of eavesdropping.
The KX-TG4000B phone system operates via cordless transmissions, so no expensive (and messy) wiring or installation is required. Simply hook up the base to your phone lines and plug it into an AC outlet. Then, set up the included KX-TGA400B handset in the desired location and plug in the recharging stand. You can add up to eight KX-TGA400B handsets to the system.

Dual caller ID with call waiting lets you view the name and number of all incoming callers on either the base unit or handset LCD--even if you're already on the line. This caller ID feature also stores up to 50 names on the base unit (up to 30 names on each handset), with direct callback capability. And thanks to caller ID pager call, you can even program the phone to notify your pager when you've received an incoming call, and to forward caller ID data to your pager's display. (Subscription to caller ID services is required.)

Other handset features include two-way intercom/paging with the base unit and other handsets, alighted handset keypad, headset jack, and a belt clip. The handset offers up to eight hours of talk time and up to 96 hours of standby battery life.

Panasonic's vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of its business customers and millions of consumers around the world who use Panasonic products every day. Panasonic shares its dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances. Panasonic KXTGA400B is an additional cordless 4-line handset for the KXTG4000B system, which offers a lot of innovative features. It has a lighted keypad with a navigator key for easy operation. There is a 30-station caller ID memory and dialer and a 50-station phone directory and dialer, which is exceptionally handy. The backlit multifunction 3-line LCD displays options in the menu. The headset allows for up to 8-hour talk time with up to 96-hour standby battery life. 2-way paging/automatic intercom and 3-way conference calling as well as transfer/conference/hold buttons top off the features of this modern headset, making it a perfect addition for any environment with multiple users.

KX-TGA4000b KXTGA4000b

KX-TGA200b Description
The Two-line version (KX-TG2000b) is identical in every way to the 4-line model except it only has the ability to connect two phone lines. The KXTG2000b 2-line system can still handle up to 8 KXTGA200b cordless phones. 


kx-tga400b repair improved keypad

Our Keypad is the
only keypad that
will last!

How can we claim this?

The original keypads were terrible! Average life just 8-16 months... Panasonic never fixed the problem but we did!
Our keypads will easily last 10 times longer!
We designed all available improved keypads for this series making Priority One the real experts on planet earth.



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Constant buzz in your handset?
The NiMH batteries used in these phones have a useful life of about 2 years. With only 2.4v at normal operation, the amplifier circuit will start to pick up interference as the voltage drops in an old battery. If you hear a constant buzzing, no matter your location or distance from the base unit, then it's most likely your battery causing the problem. Some phones are more susceptible than others causing the buzzing to start earlier than another phone. Battery Buzz is a good indication to change your battery as soon as possible. As the problem gets worse you will have voice and connection problems. Since transmitting uses the most power, you will be unaware when your voice quality drops dramatically for the people on the other end of the call.

Choppy Transmit
Choppy Transmit is a common problem in this model phone. It is important to remember that you cannot hear the problem in the phone that has the problem as it is only in the transmitted signal. The problem is usually intermittent and effected by heat and humidity changes as well as vibration. If you experience the problem it will not permanently go away on it's own and will only get worse. As Choppy Transmit progresses, not only will your callers be extremely annoyed, bit it will start to effect the operation of the phone. The base unit will loose communication with the handset and may report it as out of range.

You should also be aware that the base unit can also have the same problem. When your base unit has Choppy Transmit it will effect the sound quality in all, or most, of your cordless handsets. Once again... you cannot hear the problem in the phone that has the problem. This will often confuse people into repairing or replacing the wrong part.

If you have noticed a problem with Choppy Transmit you will need to have the phone serviced. It will never just go away and you can never tell when it has returned.

  KX-TGA400b Cordless Handset Features


2.4GHz Extra Handset /


Digital FHSS Technology


4 Line Operation


Caller ID / Call Waiting


Call Transfer




Frequency-Hopping Digital
Spread Spectrum


94-Channel Frequency Hopping


30 Station Caller ID Memory
And Dialer


50 Station Phone Directory
And Dialer


2-Way Paging / Automatic


3-Way Conference Calling


3-Line Backlit LCD


Navigator Key


Lighted Keypad


Ringer Volume Control


8 Hours Talk Time, 96 Hours


Headset Jack


Belt Clip


Replacement Battery:


Color: Black


KX-TGA200b Information


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